100 word challenge 7


Link to prompt: https://100wc.net/week-36-3/


Emily got home from shopping with her mum and rummaged in the biggest bag and pulled out a chocolate egg. “Mum” she called “can I eat my egg now?” “Ok fine only if you eat it in the kitchen” she replied. Her brother was out with dad so that is why she got the egg. She cracked it open on the bench and the yummy marshmallow came out. Then she noticed three little people dressed in work cloths setting up cones around the marshmallow that had leaked out then she looked on the packet and it said tiny robotic toys.

behind the news (class work)

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Question = green

 This video was about dog’s careers.

 Dogs learnt how to deal with people with autism. They can guide blind people to where they need or want to go. The puppy career fair all starts during their training. I now understand how much work Puppies and dogs do. I also understand how important dogs are in people’s lives. Do other animals have jobs?

I worked with two people Lucinda, Sanja

Behind the news 4

Link to BTN:http://www.abc.net.au/btn/story/s3166785.htm


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This video was about animal comunication.

Animals can hear things that we can’t hear. Animals make communicating sounds we can’t hear. A machine had to record it so we can hear the noise. I now understand what we can’t hear. I also understand how animals communicate. What is the animal that hears the least?    



In our classroom we have been learning the summarizing stradgy GIST.First we predict by scaning the page. Then we find the key words in the first paragraph the we write this in 20 words or less this is the GIST.After that we find key words in the second pharagraph and combine this with our first GIST together we do this in 20 words. Finally we find key words  in our third pharagraph and comine this with the first two GISTs in 20 words. Repeat if nessesary. Link to the post I used for the GIST:  http://leesclassroom.global2.vic.edu.au/2017/06/14/gist-lesson/

Topic: Fishing

First Key Words: Early, humans, catching, 40 000, years, archaeological, evidence, shell, fragments, fish bones ,cave paintings.

First GIST: Early humans where catching  fish over 40 000 years ago evidince found discarded fish bones and old cave paintings of fish.

second key words: Recreational fishing, variety, ways, including.

second GIST: Early humans caught fish and archeaologists found evidence of this.This fishing is done in a wide variety of ways.

Third key words: act, hook, line, prohibited by law.

Third GIST: Early humans caught fish and archeaologists found evidence.Now fishing is done in lots of diffrent ways some banned by law.

I had three partners Matilda,Liv Sanja

100 word challenge 6

prompt: This weeks prompt is to write a letter to Andrew about his work.

link to prompt:https://100wc.net/week35/

Dear Andrew,

Thank you for saving so many lives and doing all of the training needed to do this job.  How hard is it to work without proper tools or equipment? Are there any problems you have faced over the years you have been doing this? Is it hard doing your job saving people in the dark? Was it hard to stay away from your family? Was a doctor the job you always wanted to do or was it another job? Is there pressure on you that you put on yourself? Thank you for doing a good job

From Amelia


Class Speeches

My Question: What is your favourite film and why?

My favourite film is Harry potter and the half-blood prince these are the reasons why I think this:

Firstly after reading the book I felt that the movie had to fill the same shoes as the book as the book being realised 6 years before, and I feel the movie did very well in doing this. For example when making quidich you need to find a way to film that I found out that they made it by using a robotic machine that moves the broom then they green screen it.

Secondly they had to stay accurate to the five movies before this movie because some people would notice, they could not take away what they had already put on the screen but not add to much for example they could not make Harry with blond hair they could not have Ron with brown hair Luna Lovegood can’t become serious.

And these are the reasons why I think harry potter and the half- blood prince is my favourite movie. Is it your favourite movie now?


behind the news 3

   Link to BTN: http://www.abc.net.au/btn/story/s4014898.htm   


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 This video was about palm oil and its affects.

 Orang-utans and other species are becoming extinct because of deforestation Also in Sumatra and Borneo where the orang-utans live is where they make some palm oil. Palm oil is made off palm trees so people who try to avoid it end up buying it for example it can be called vegetable oil.I now understand how important it is to save endangered animals. I also understand how important it is to stop deforestation.Why do they call all palm oils the same thing?



100 word challenge 5

prompt: the water just kept gushing out

100wc prompt: https://100wc.net/week34-3/#more-20463


“Sweetie tell your sister, but remember yourself don’t touch the pipe that goes in to the ocean.” And with that her mum went to sleep. There was a call “Isabella can we make a sand castle together?” “Well you can help me I’ve already started, but you can help me by going to get a bucket of water.” Isabella was digging and heard a tap water was coming out of the pipe the water just kept gushing out so Isabella grabbed her sister and ran to their mum and sat hours later she woke up  and said “what happened.”       


Behind the news 2

link to BTN: http://www.abc.net.au/btn/story/s4425894.htm


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This video was about kids knowing their food source.

A new survey found quite a few kids don’t know where their food comes from. In addition it found 1 out of 4 don’t know cow’s milk make cheese and butter. It got worse at cooking skills parents didn’t think their kids would know how to bake a potato or boil an egg. I now understand how important it is to learn your food sources. I also understand how important it is to learn how to cook .I question why don’t all schools teach their kids how to cook?

100 word challenge 4

prompt :in the flash of lightening I saw

link to 100wc prompt:https://100wc.net/week-33-2/#more-20444


The rain was pouring down, I ran with my sister under cover, our mum called us into the house. I ran into my room, I could hear my sister sobbing in the lounge room, she didn’t like the rain. I heard something bump against my door, I opened it, there stood my 13 week old puppy, and she ran and hid behind my legs shivering.  Seconds later there was a thud which I knew was thunder, I heard my sister say “next there would be lightening”. In the flash of lightening I saw my extended family, another flash, gone.


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