100 word challenge 2

Prompt: …we were moving very fast when …

Link to prompt: https://100wc.net/week20-18/


“Welcome to school athletics today you will participate in events first we will have the 12-13 girls so if you’re in this race come line up”. I went and lined up very excited for the race ahead “to the starting line,” called a teacher. I took my place very  excited “ bang,” we were moving very fast when I tripped and fell my teacher came up to me and checked if I was ok I went to sit on a bench with and ice pack I missed out on all of my other events to make sure I was ok.

Semester 1 Goals

What I want to learn:

I would like to improve on reading out loud more fluently so I can read out loud as well as I can in my head this will help me when I’m reading  to others so I’m not stopping and starting as often. I also would like to learn my times tables more fluently so I can answer them quicker so I don’t have to stop and start to count them. I would also like to improve on the words I use in my personal writing so my writing is more interesting for others to read so they do not get bored. I would also like to learn some spelling words so people can read my writing and understand it more.

List examples of things I could do that would show I am trying to meet my goal:

trying to meet my goal:To meet my reading goal I can read out loud to practice I could also start with bit easier books so it is not as hard to start off with. To meet my maths goal I can work on times tables slowly but regally and not focus on them all at once do them one by one. To meet my writing goal I can write down my interesting words when I come across them to add to my writing. To meet my spelling goal I can pick out the words in my writing that I keep getting wrong and make a note of them to practice at home.

How I learn and behave:

I want to work on sharing my idea’s more so I can have an input and feel as if I’ve contributed. I also want to work on confidence in my ideas so I don’t doubt myself in what I think and just give it a go. I also want to work on not rushing near the end of time we have to write and amount of words so my work is neater.

List examples of things I could do that would show I am trying to meet my goal:

To share my idea’s more I can just give it a go and try my best. To have more confidence I can practice so I have more chance of getting it right and to  just try what I think and if it’s wrong just try again. To work on not rushing I can take my time to do it neatly but not so neat and not take as much time writing the whole thing.

100 Word Challenge 2018 1

Prompt: … it came down the drainpipe… 

Link to prompt: https://100wc.net/week19-18/


The rain was bucketing down as people looked for shelter holly looked out of her bed room window feeling sorry for the people caught in the rain, it came down the drain pipe it covered the paddocks and made puddles on the road. She wanted to help them really badly but her mother said don’t go out in the rain you don’t want to catch a cold do you? Holly just wanted to help she didn’t like following her mother’s commands. If she was aloud she would let everyone in to get out of the rain to help them all.

letter to Caitlyn

I’m Amelia,

I’m going to tell a bit about myself:

I’m 11 years old and turning 12 this year. I have a younger sister Lilliana and a puppy called Mali who is a miniature schnauzer. I do ballet once week swimming a netball competitions. At school I play the flute which this is my third year leaning.

My favourite book is Harry Potter my favourite two books are the Prisoner of Azkaban and the Half-blood Prince.

On the holidays we went camping at the beach with my cousins and family as well as grandparents we leave after New Year’s so we have Christmas at home. We have lots of fun swimming playing crafting and mucking around. The water was wonderful and warm and small waves came in when ships came though. We spent nearly every day at the beach seeming how close we were.

While we were down there we went with two of my other cousins surfing at another beach. The water was much rougher so it was easier to surf. I learnt that it’s a practice makes perfect sport.

On the second last day of school me and one of my other cousins and my sister went to go and get our ears pierced it didn’t hurt as much as I thought but it still hurt a bit. We were all very happy once it was done and got ice cream as a treat afterwards.

I hope you enjoyed learning about me and what I did on my holidays I’m really looking forward to this year as a new year 5/6.

From Amelia.

six room process

The six room process is a process where you go though six rooms and get ideas to write your poem for more information click here  http://leesclassroom.global2.vic.edu.au/2017/12/12/six-room-poems-2/

My poem:

The Eiffel tower

A tall pointed building,

Birds chirping though the wind,

People running and playing,

What’s happening?

A bell rang that’s where I’m meant to be,

Ding ding ding

I don’t want to leave this place

Lucinda’s poem:

The Apple Tree

Tall and yummy,

Shinny things,

I hear animals,

And whistling wind.

Can’t it be better?

With more amazement?

I feel amazed and calm,

With so much happiness!

Happy and calm,

Happy and calm,

Happy and calm.

Toms poem:

Lake of bays

Rushing waves,

Chirping birds,

A place to be calm,

A place to be calm,

A place to be calm,

Feel the warm sunburn your skin,

Look out at the water,

Listen to the beautiful sound of chirping birds.

behind the news 22

Link to BTN: http://www.abc.net.au/btn/story/s4770333.htm


Summary = purple

Facts = blue

Understanding = pink

Questions = green

This video was about Christmas traditions.

 Christmas started out as an ancient pagan midwinter festival called Saturnalia but now we celebrate the birth of Jesus. A tradition is putting up a Christmas tree this started in Germany in the 16th century by Martin Luther. Another tradition is hanging up stockings it is a legend that Saint Nicholas put coins in stockings of 3 poor sisters whose stockings where hanging on the fire place. I now understand the history of Christmas traditions. I also understand who came up with them or where they originated from. What are the origins of other Christmas traditions?

100 word challenge 23

Prompt: …the tiger was blocking our escape…

Link to prompt: https://100wc.net/week-13-18/


I was in the zoo on a school excursion when a zoo keeper came up to me and Ellie my best friend and pushed us into a cage what I thought “help us.” I looked around for the door and the tiger was blocking our escape. The tiger opened his legs into a defense pose we slid through his legs and fell on the concrete. We ran up to our class “what happened?” They asked we told them the whole story. “You’re lying,” said Francesca “Not true,” called Luke. “Well I believe them said our teacher miss Williams very enthusiastically.

behind the news 21

Link to BTN: http://www.abc.net.au/btn/story/s4723106.htm


Summary = purple

Facts = blue

Understandings = pink

Question = green

This video was about what dreams are.

We dream for 2 hours each might that’s 6 hours of our life. Ancient Egyptians believed that dreams where messages sent from the goods to special people when they sleep. Dreaming mostly takes place when we are at the deepest stage of our sleep and our brain movement increases  it is called rapid eye movement or rem in this stage our brain activity increases and we can mimic being awake. I now understand how we dream and why this happens. I also understand the history of dreams. Is there certain time we dream?

100 word challenge 22

Prompt: Sandwich   Battery   Energetic   White   Hurried 

Link to prompt: https://100wc.net/week12-18/


I was seating a sandwich to be specific a ham cheese lettuce and tomato sandwich, when there was an energetic call form my sister. I hurried up the stairs looking in every room for her. I found her sitting on the floor of my bedroom playing with a white toy that was moving that was strange it had not moved in years. “I found a battery and put it in,” my sister said very enthusiastically. “That’s amazing,” I said and went back down stairs to finish off my lunch. That was weird I thought and went to continue my amazing lunch.

behind the news 20

Link to BTN: http://www.abc.net.au/btn/story/s4430560.htm


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Facts = blue

Understandings = pink

Question = green

This video was about coral bleaching.

The skeleton of the coral is polyps popping out of the holes and eating food that floats past. But the coral is not alone in the holes which turns sunlight in to food for the coral.  Algae is temperature sensitive and if it is to hot the agile leave and the coral starve.  I now understand how agile is important to coral. I also understand how the coral becomes white. How long will it take to fix this problem?

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