Harry Potter 5 Book Review

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

J.K Rowling

Published on the 21st of June 2003

Published by Bloomsbury


This sequel of harry potter a kid’s fantasy and mystery is mainly about the order of the phoenix or Dumbledore’s army fighting against you know who as the second wizarding war breaks out  and to protect the younger generations. It also follows the story as the ministry interferes at Hogwarts and Professor Dolores Unbridge inspects the school. And how harry is despised at school because of last year’s events. As well as you know who reaching his full power and harry and him fighting for the safe of the prophecy.

The three main characters are Harry James Potter, Hermione Jean Granger and Ron Bilius Weasly who the book follows and the secondary characters Ginny, Nellie, Luna Fred and Gorge. As well as professors Umbridge McGonagall Dumbledore and Snape.

I give this book a 5 out of 5 stars because of the wonderful use of the heroes journey a popular writing technique. It is also well written by using different scenes very well throughout the book to make it even more interesting for the reader as well as using descriptive words to enchant the reader in to their wonderful universe.

I would recommend this book/series to children above the age of 7 because some of the scenes can be a bit brutal at sometimes. I would also recommend this book to anyone who has read the rest of the series or loves to read fantasy and mystery novels and books instead of realistic fiction or informative.

District Cross Country Reflection

                                      District Cross Country


Today I took part in the district cross country and came 38th out of 49 girls participating in the 3 km run. I am very proud of myself and the achievements I’ve had from this year to last year. I’m also very happy about my efforts since the track had steep hills and sharp turns, and also because I wasn’t going to go in the first place. Also because i was racing against year sixes. i’m just very proud of the effort since I don’t train and i’m ecstatic for just finishing and giving it a go!



                                                        A New World

Written by Amelia May 2018


The icy breeze blew thought the meadow. This winter was the coldest winter the            meadow had ever faced icicles formed on all of the remaining leaves and all the              animals where nowhere to be seen. On early frosty morning a young girl walked        through the meadow she had strawberry blonde hair and bright blue eyes she looked as if she was walking through the meadow to get rid of stress or something was bothering her. Suddenly the young girl burst in to tears and collapsed in the meadow crying her heart out.

A small mouse crawled out from the hollow tree trunk where took shelter from the cold and ran up to the girl making small prints in the thick snow that covered the meadow. The girl screamed at the sight of the mouse and stood up her knees covered in snow the mouse squeaked at her as if it was to say “it’s ok I’m not going to hurt you.” The girl put her hand out and to her surprise the mouse licked her finger the girl sat in the snow to stroke the mouse.

No more than 5 minutes later a young boy dashed in to the meadow he looked the same age as the girl with the same strawberry blonde hair and bright blue eyes as her as well. He ran up to her stop her. “Why are you out here at the hour,” he yelled at her this only made the girl cry more. “Leave me alone,” she called back and turned away to go back to patting the mouse. “No” he replied “me and mum have been worried sick about you we thought you were kidnaped or something along those lines. “The boy seemed very distressed behind his angry face “Well firstly its mum and I and secondly I don’t want to come home this is all too stressful for me I really miss dad. I  don’t really want to come home I hate having this feeling like somethings missing it’s all too much.” “Well you’re not the only one but we can’t sit here all day crying about it nothing’s going to happen unless we make an effort and no matter how much we think we’ll lose him you and I know that he will always have a place in our hearts.”

A tear ran down the young girl’s cheek it was clear that the words had really struck her. They stood there in silence for what seemed like forever until the girl finally said “thanks that’s exactly what I needed.” The girl slowly stood up her knees covered in snow until this moment you would not have had noticed that her face was as pale as the snow and her lips slowly became blue. The girl hugged the boy and they began to walk out of the meadow the girl took one last glance before following the boys fast pace.

They knew that their lives would be different after they lost their dad but they had no idea of the magical adventures that where coming for them.

The Land Of Stories Beyond The Kingdoms Book Review

Image result for land of stories 4

Title: The Land Of Stories Beyond The Kingdoms (4)

Author: Chris Colfer

This book is about twins Alex and Conner who live in the fairy tale world. The twins travel though other classic tales with their friend Goldilocks, Jack, Red and Mother goes to save the fairy tale world from the new greatest villain the masked man who wants the fairy tale world to himself.  I recommend this book to anyone who loves fairy tales or adventure and mystery novels I give this a 5 out of five stars I highly recommend this book.

SRC application

Hi my name’s Amelia I  have been SRC twice before  and I want to be SRC this year because I would really like to help the school and help raise money I also want to be SRC because of the jobs and responsibility’s you have and because I like to see things from other perspectives. Here are the responsibilities I think I have to become and SRC:

Organisation: I have seen that in past years people have got on to the SRC and then not come to any meetings so no one can tell their class what’s been happening. If I was your SRC I would come to every meeting and let you know what’s happening and how it’s growing.

Listening: when you are and SRC you have to listen to ideas that others put forward and listen whether you like it or not and then decide on behalf of your class. I will also listen to the suggestions you have to let the SRC know.

Leadership: you may not be a leader but want to become one. This means you suggest ideas and say them to the group you can’t just sit in the corner and do nothing. You are also setting example for other student who are younger than you.

Sowing school values:  optimism: you have to have an attitude that is saying that you want to be there not playing outside. Respect: you have to respect others ideas and others belongings. Care: you have to care about what you’re doing and for others if there’s something wrong. Collaborate: you are working in a team the majority of the time so you have to collaborate a majority of the time.

These are the qualities I think you need to be SRC and I think I presses these qualities as well I hope you enjoyed hearing my SRC speech thank you for listening:


Semester 1 Goals

What I want to learn:

I would like to improve on reading out loud more fluently so I can read out loud as well as I can in my head this will help me when I’m reading  to others so I’m not stopping and starting as often. I also would like to learn my times tables more fluently so I can answer them quicker so I don’t have to stop and start to count them. I would also like to improve on the words I use in my personal writing so my writing is more interesting for others to read so they do not get bored. I would also like to learn some spelling words so people can read my writing and understand it more.

List examples of things I could do that would show I am trying to meet my goal:

trying to meet my goal:To meet my reading goal I can read out loud to practice I could also start with bit easier books so it is not as hard to start off with. To meet my maths goal I can work on times tables slowly but regally and not focus on them all at once do them one by one. To meet my writing goal I can write down my interesting words when I come across them to add to my writing. To meet my spelling goal I can pick out the words in my writing that I keep getting wrong and make a note of them to practice at home.

How I learn and behave:

I want to work on sharing my idea’s more so I can have an input and feel as if I’ve contributed. I also want to work on confidence in my ideas so I don’t doubt myself in what I think and just give it a go. I also want to work on not rushing near the end of time we have to write and amount of words so my work is neater.

List examples of things I could do that would show I am trying to meet my goal:

To share my idea’s more I can just give it a go and try my best. To have more confidence I can practice so I have more chance of getting it right and to  just try what I think and if it’s wrong just try again. To work on not rushing I can take my time to do it neatly but not so neat and not take as much time writing the whole thing.

letter to Caitlyn

I’m Amelia,

I’m going to tell a bit about myself:

I’m 11 years old and turning 12 this year. I have a younger sister Lilliana and a puppy called Mali who is a miniature schnauzer. I do ballet once week swimming a netball competitions. At school I play the flute which this is my third year leaning.

My favourite book is Harry Potter my favourite two books are the Prisoner of Azkaban and the Half-blood Prince.

On the holidays we went camping at the beach with my cousins and family as well as grandparents we leave after New Year’s so we have Christmas at home. We have lots of fun swimming playing crafting and mucking around. The water was wonderful and warm and small waves came in when ships came though. We spent nearly every day at the beach seeming how close we were.

While we were down there we went with two of my other cousins surfing at another beach. The water was much rougher so it was easier to surf. I learnt that it’s a practice makes perfect sport.

On the second last day of school me and one of my other cousins and my sister went to go and get our ears pierced it didn’t hurt as much as I thought but it still hurt a bit. We were all very happy once it was done and got ice cream as a treat afterwards.

I hope you enjoyed learning about me and what I did on my holidays I’m really looking forward to this year as a new year 5/6.

From Amelia.

six room process

The six room process is a process where you go though six rooms and get ideas to write your poem for more information click here  http://leesclassroom.global2.vic.edu.au/2017/12/12/six-room-poems-2/

My poem:

The Eiffel tower

A tall pointed building,

Birds chirping though the wind,

People running and playing,

What’s happening?

A bell rang that’s where I’m meant to be,

Ding ding ding

I don’t want to leave this place

Lucinda’s poem:

The Apple Tree

Tall and yummy,

Shinny things,

I hear animals,

And whistling wind.

Can’t it be better?

With more amazement?

I feel amazed and calm,

With so much happiness!

Happy and calm,

Happy and calm,

Happy and calm.

Toms poem:

Lake of bays

Rushing waves,

Chirping birds,

A place to be calm,

A place to be calm,

A place to be calm,

Feel the warm sunburn your skin,

Look out at the water,

Listen to the beautiful sound of chirping birds.

The cupcake

“Ding” went the bell as a family stepped in to a new patissery. “Welcome,” said the woman in the friendliest voice. “What would you like to order?” pie thought Jake cupcakes though Ellie.

“Sit down at a table,” called Tracy.

“Well order,” continued Nick.

They went and sat down at the window sill. “Unfair,” whispered Ellie.

“To right,” continued Jake.

They looked over to their parents and saw them pointing at pastries in the window. “Thanks,” said the cheerful woman.

The family found a metal table under an old oak tree. They gave Jake and Ellie striped bags. “Try it you’ll love it,” Nick said. They bit in to it and their eyes filled with joy “amazing!”   


“Get in!” Echoed a voice. A new born elephant was just separated from its mother. He had no name and now no mum.

The ship was crammed dark and every wake rocked him even more. His eyes where full of tears and he struggled to hold them in. It took hours to get to the new country. All of the elephants tugged off the ship and in to new enclosures.

He opened his eyes and squinted with light. Birds squawked and he could here other animals. There where blue mountains in the distance: his new home.

Years passed, he was still an elephant but not a lonely one. Hundreds of people passed each day, but he just wanted freedom like other animals. Little for him to know what he was in for.