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This video was about Christmas traditions.

 Christmas started out as an ancient pagan midwinter festival called Saturnalia but now we celebrate the birth of Jesus. A tradition is putting up a Christmas tree this started in Germany in the 16th century by Martin Luther. Another tradition is hanging up stockings it is a legend that Saint Nicholas put coins in stockings of 3 poor sisters whose stockings where hanging on the fire place. I now understand the history of Christmas traditions. I also understand who came up with them or where they originated from. What are the origins of other Christmas traditions?

100 word challenge 23

Prompt: …the tiger was blocking our escape…

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I was in the zoo on a school excursion when a zoo keeper came up to me and Ellie my best friend and pushed us into a cage what I thought “help us.” I looked around for the door and the tiger was blocking our escape. The tiger opened his legs into a defense pose we slid through his legs and fell on the concrete. We ran up to our class “what happened?” They asked we told them the whole story. “You’re lying,” said Francesca “Not true,” called Luke. “Well I believe them said our teacher miss Williams very enthusiastically.