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This video was about why we recycle and what we can recycle.

All things in our recycling bin is made from precious resources. In the 1800s there where mills which turned recycled rags into paper by the 20’s there where waster paper collections services collecting from homes and businesses we also recycled meatal glass and fabric. From 1996 to 2015 Australian population has risen by 25% and our waste by 170% but now be recycle 58% more than ever. I now understand how important it is that we recycle. I also understand how not recycling can hurt the environment. What percent of our weekly rubbish I recycling.

100 word challange 20

 Prompt: …but where would we hide it all?…

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Knock knock on the door mum was home from puppy school with the puppy dad was feeding my little brother and my younger brother was at a party. I was playing Lego on the floor of my bedroom when I remembered mum said to pack it all up before she came home but where would I hide it all?  I saw my bed and my sister’s bed. I picked up the Lego and put it on our beds. Mum came in I gave the puppy a big pat mum came in to my room “why is Lego on the bed.”