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The cupcake

“Ding” went the bell as a family stepped in to a new patissery. “Welcome,” said the woman in the friendliest voice. “What would you like to order?” pie thought Jake cupcakes though Ellie.

“Sit down at a table,” called Tracy.

“Well order,” continued Nick.

They went and sat down at the window sill. “Unfair,” whispered Ellie.

“To right,” continued Jake.

They looked over to their parents and saw them pointing at pastries in the window. “Thanks,” said the cheerful woman.

The family found a metal table under an old oak tree. They gave Jake and Ellie striped bags. “Try it you’ll love it,” Nick said. They bit in to it and their eyes filled with joy “amazing!”   


“Get in!” Echoed a voice. A new born elephant was just separated from its mother. He had no name and now no mum.

The ship was crammed dark and every wake rocked him even more. His eyes where full of tears and he struggled to hold them in. It took hours to get to the new country. All of the elephants tugged off the ship and in to new enclosures.

He opened his eyes and squinted with light. Birds squawked and he could here other animals. There where blue mountains in the distance: his new home.

Years passed, he was still an elephant but not a lonely one. Hundreds of people passed each day, but he just wanted freedom like other animals. Little for him to know what he was in for.    

Behind The News 16

Link to BTN: http://www.abc.net.au/btn/story/s4752304.htm


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This video was about teaching changes.

Early Aussie schools where all run by the church it was not until 1849 when the first public school opened. Back then they would check student’s nails hair and teeth boys and girls had different classes and the teachers could use the cane. Now some schools are bilingual others the teacher and you don’t have to be in the same room. I now understand how schools have changed. I also understand how we teach now. How else do they teach?

100 word challange 18

Prompt:  flame,  swimming,  celebrated, white, tomorrow   

Link to prompt:  https://100wc.net/week8-18/


I was at a lake with my mum and dad when I saw a white swan I walked passed it and saw a row of flames I jumped in to save her I got to close so I found myself swimming under it I got up and saw the swan I celebrated. I woke up with a start we are going there tomorrow I thought to myself. I went in to mum and dads room “what’s the time,” I said in a crockery voice “6:00am,” mum replied “are we going to the lake today?” “Yes get ready” mum replied.

Behind The News 15

Link to BTN: http://www.abc.net.au/btn/story/s3057523.htm


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This video was about koala proofing our roads.

Sadly about 100 koalas die or are injured on north Queensland rods each year. Koalas try to cross roads because their habitat is being destroyed to make homes. The most affected area is koala cost just south of Brisbane. I now understand how this issue affects koalas. I also understand what we have to do to help. When do they aim to end this issue?

100 word challange 17

Prompt: …as the door slammed, I knew…

Link to prompt: https://100wc.net/week-7-18/


“Mum I’m going on this ride” I said I’m not so sure,” mum whispered. “I’m sure,” I replied.  I walked over to the ride and lined up this was an indoor ride. I got to the front of the line as the door slammed, I knew something was wrong. A security guard opened the door and closed it behind him. “It’s ok,” he said in a croaky voice “the ride just broke down everyone is safe now can you slowly exit the building.” I dogged people to get out to mum. “There you are I’ve been waiting for ages honey!”

Behind The News 14

Link to BTN:http://www.abc.net.au/btn/story/s3586864.htm


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This video was about our school standards.

Over the past decade our country has fallen behind other countries. Australia is in since and reading and in maths. They are going to give more money to the schools who need it. I now understand why we need to change it. I also understand who made up this idea. Where did they come up with this idea?


100 word challange 16


Link to prompt: https://100wc.net/week6-18/


“Mum,” Ellie called “how long till we make it to the art gallery? “About 5 minutes.” Mum replied. Ellie was in the car with her mum, dad, little brother, big brother, and big sister. 10 minutes later they were in the gallery looking at the pieces of art work. “Mum,” Isabell Ellie’s sister called, “what’s this sculpture?” She was pointing at a sculpture of a man in jeans and gumboots but all you could see was his legs and feet because the rest of his body was in the dirty mucky lake that sounded him. “I’m not quite Shure sweetheart.”  

Harry Potter 7- book review

 Title: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Author: J.K Rowling.

Cover illustration: Jonny Dunddle.

Date realised: 21st of July 2007.

Fiction or non-fiction: fiction.

 Main characters: Harry, Ron and Hermione.

 Plot: Harry, Ron and Hermione are hunting foe horcruxes to defeat “you know who.”

 My opinion: my opinion on this text is it is a wonderful wrap up to the series and I would read it again and again.

Would I recommend: I would highly recommend this text.

Interest: fantasy, adventure and mystery

Age: 8 to any age (have to read the books before.)

Rating: 10/10       

Behind The News 13

Link to BTN: http://www.abc.net.au/btn/story/s4733841.htm


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This video was about kangaroo population.

There are around 47 million kangaroos in Australia which is about 2 per person. There are too many kangaroos which is harming the environment. This is causing debate on how we can put the back to normal population. I now understand what this can do to the environment. I also understand how we can protect the environment. Why can’t they transport them?

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