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This video wwas about clean up Australia day.

In 1989 we had the first clean up Australia day. 40 000 people turned up that first year and it has now become the biggest community based environmental event. 2016 was the 25 anniversary on when schools pitched in to help. I now understand how important clean up Australia day is. I also understand who created clean up Australia day. Where do the most people chip in to clean up Australia?

100 word challange 14

Prompt: …so, what lies ahead of…

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We were playing netball at lunch and the ball was being passed around to Ellie, Sophie, Bell, Luna then it was passed to me but instead of catching it just hit me on my arm. The next couple of minutes were unclear to me the Luna said “Kate are you ok?” “I’m fine,” I replied “Can I watch you play just until my arm feels ok?” “Yes we would not make you play,” so what lies ahead of me is unclear but I know I want to keep playing netball. Who knew I would become a professional netball player.