Historical Fiction – A long way from home

In class we have been learning about history in Australia and England in about 1788. We also wrote a historical fiction based in this time. Below is my story. also click here to hear me read my story:

A long way from home

“Where’s mother?” queried three year old Isabell. “She will be home just after noon, father on the other hand will not be home for several hours.” There was a knock at the door and Sarah rushed to the front door “We are back from the market,” called a voice. Sarah heaved open the squeaky wood door. One girl and four boys walked in “Good afternoon Julia, Charles Michael and George,” Good afternoon they all replied back.

Julia was just about to turn 10, Michael just turned 5, George was 8 and Charles was 19 one year older than Sarah. “How was work?” Sarah asked Charles as she walked Isabell in to the kitchen. “Well working at a blacksmiths is hard, but it has its rewards,” he said. Sarah had made an apple pie with the apples off the tree.

“George did you forget to pick up the carrots for the stew?” Sarah asked “Yes I did,” he replied, “but I can go and get them with the money I earnt today.” George ran down to the market but instead of paying for the carrots he just took it and ran home.

There was a loud knock at the door Sarah was confused George was already home who could it be. She heaved open the door. A police officer was standing there “Hello mam we think one of your sons has stolen some carrots who would this be?” “I don’t have any sons,” Sarah replied, “but I do look after my brothers and sisters.” George trudged to the front door “I’m really sorry I did not mean to steal,” said George. Sarah stood there in shock. “Well I’m afraid you will have to go to go to court,” the police officer replied

Charles and Sarah took George to court early the next morning.  They left Julia in charge. When her parents asked where George was Julia told them the whole story of how George sole carrots. The whole family was anxious to see what would happen to George.

Meanwhile Sarah, Charles and George where waiting for his court session to start then a voice called “George Ivit” ,and all three of them walked into an large oak wood  room. A man showed George to a seat then showed Sarah and Charles to seats which looked to be commentators seats. “George Luke Ivit age 8 is this correct?” asked the judge. “Yes,” George replied. “Did you steal 4 carrots valued at 8 shillings?” asked the judge. Yes George replied again. This felt like forever to Sarah but it ended at “Guilty seven years transportation!”

Several months passed since George had been sent on the first fleet to Australia. The whole family was heartbroken, so they wrote a letter to him even though they knew it probably would not make it. The letter said:

Dear George,

 We hope you are going ok in Australia. We all really miss you and hope you are doing well. We can’t wait for you to come home. Have you got their yet? Is it a nice place?

Love always,

Mother father Michael Charles Isabell Julia and Sarah 

The family tried to have a normal life the next 7 years, but to them it was nearly impossible waiting for him to come home.

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