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This video was about how and why some people need glasses.

Nearly half of all Australians need glasses or contacts. It could be because of the shape of their eyes or how much light the see too little can course you to have to where glasses or I could just be genetics. 4 out of 5 kids leaving high school need glasses. I now understand how people can come to where glasses. I also understand why people need to where glasses. Which is more common long sighted or sort sighted?     

100 word challange 12

Prompt: … then suddenly it went dark…

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Finally my pictures would come, mum and I were at the shops waiting for my pictures to print. When they were done mum handed me the envelope witch had all of my pictures in it. I tore it open and picked out a particular photo, it was a picture of our new puppy with my sister. It slipped out of my hand so I ran to pick it up I looked at it, then it suddenly went dark. “Mum come” I called “my pictures gone black,” she looked at it. “You’re just holding it the wrong way” she called back.