100 word challange 11

Prompt:  …but then the flash made me…

Link to prompt: https://100wc.net/week42/


I looked outside though the window, I could see the rain bucketing down. The thunder was really loud ,but I still climbed in to bed even though it was not time to bed I preferred to read in bed.  My sister came in to my bedroom with a torch and turned it on but then the flash made me drop my book. Once she had turned the light off I yelled “why you flash that light in my eyes I lost my page , and I could have broken my book.” “I’m really sorry” she mumbled “its fine” I replied.

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  1. leesclassroom
    August 2, 2017 at 10:25 pm (12 months ago)

    I enjoyed reading your story Amelia. I also find it frustrating to be interrupted when I’m immersed in a good book.
    Do make sure you read back over your story before publishing, either out loud to yourself or to someone at home. There are some little things I’m sure you would have picked up on if you had done this. For example “why you flash that light in my eyes … I think you missed a word.
    I have been enjoying reading your posts, including you BTN responses. Keep up the good work.


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