100 Word Challenge 5


Link to Prompt: https://100wc.net/week-28-19/


As I opened my eyes and looked at the world around me I felt like a needle in a hay stack I was the only one what seemed like a mile around that had any color on. I’d been sent to this country on mission to find any places where humans could possibly live. The land was interesting it looked as if humans had been there but had either left or died off there where pieces of wood, coconuts and dried out leaves. I had a connection to this island but I don’t know why.

100 Word Challenge 4

Prompt: https://100wc.net/week-26-19/

Link to Prompt: … I was so cross that …


As the bell rang I hurried out of the classroom. I felt eyes on me as if I was a grey cloud in the bright blue sky. I continued walking with my head down low what was wrong with me? Suddenly someone put their foot out. I tripped over all of my stuff spilling on to the floor I was so cross that my face went red and tears formed in my eyes. I gathered my things when I noticed someone take something off my back a sign that said kick me now I felt like I had a friend.

100 Word Challenge 3


Link to Prompt: https://100wc.net/week-23-19/


The wind blew and I looked out my window to close it and I noticed the paint work that needed doing. I went out and lent the  ladder up against the brick crumbling wall I begun stepping up and then suddenly I fell back on to the pavement my body screamed with pain. My eyes watered as I slowly got up and walked to get help I felt as if I was sinking as I continued to walk I trembled and stumbled  as my gold coins fell out of my pocket the wind blew my red hair into my face.

100 Word Challenge 1 (Edited)

Prompt: … it was completely out of tune…

Link To Prompt: https://100wc.net/week-20-19/


As I peeked through the door I saw my sister’s pink room and that she was fiddling with and old dusty radio in the corner of her room. As she flicked it on it screeched and the music came on in a high pitch it was completely out of tune. She pressed a few more buttons and the volume lowed and the tune increased. She begun dancing her pink dress flaring out as she twilled. I slowly closed the door and walked up the stairs feeling for bad spying on her yet surprised by the amount of talent she had.

100 Word Challenge 2


Link to Prompt: https://100wc.net/week-21-5/


As a screaming child’s voice echoed though the train station a fluted mother was pushing the pram caring her young baby girl. The mother crouched down to comfort her screaming child her bags falling off her shoulders on to the concrete floor. Slowly the young girl stopped screaming and the noise of the train station came back. The child’s eyes fluttered closed as she fell asleep her body went limp. Her arms fell out of the pram as she dropped her white fluffy teddy bear on to the concrete and the mother and daughter walked on without noticing the bear.

100 Word Challenge 2019 1

Prompt: … it was completely out of tune…

Link To Prompt: https://100wc.net/week-20-19/


As I peeked through the door I saw my sister’s room pink and that she was fiddling with and old dusty radio in the corner of her room as she flicked it on it screeched and the music came on in a high tone it was completely out of tune she pressed a few more buttons and a song comes on. She be begins dancing her pink dress flaring out as she twilled. I slowly closed the door and slowly walked up the stairs feel in bad spying on her sister and surprised by the amount of talent she had.

Reflection on 2018

Advice for next year’s year 5’s

Moving up from year four to year five six is a big jump but I have found year five very enjoyable. I have enjoyed getting more work to do both at school and at home as well as getting to use the hotmaths books. But I would suggest to always work at your own pace and have fun it is not a competition with anyone.  And have patience not only with yourself but others they are new to it too and also make the most of every minute you only have two years of primary school left.

What we did well

This year I have really enjoyed using many of the new and old resources we have got to use as well as the many new topics we have worked on as well as I have really enjoyed both my teacher (Caitlyn) and my class (5/6B) this year. One of the main tools we have used is our computers which we use in most lessons. I have also enjoyed the amount of sport that we have done ( Gala, Winter and SEPEP) as well as the 5 day camp that we went on to Canberra which helped us extend our knowledge on the government.

What we could do better

I really don’t have many suggestions of what our school could do better in year five six. But I would really like to do more maths only because maths is my favourite subject. I would also like to do more lessons on spelling because my spelling is not the best so some lessons would be amazing as well as some more chances to practice or remember things like our timetables and to read out loud.


100 Word Challenge 26

Prompt: … but they were exhausted…

Link to prompt: https://100wc.net/week13-2/


As my eyelids fluted shut, I became suddenly aware of my friend snoring the trampolining was tiring so we could barely enjoy the sleepover that night. As my alarm buzzed in my ear my eyes focused on the room around me the sun shining though the window illuminating my friend’s hair. The room drifted away from view and what felt like a second later I was awoken by yelling. The time on my clock read 10:30 then I heard my mother talking “I know but they were  exhausted from yesterdays activity what should I have done.” And that was true.

100 Word Challenge 25

Prompt: … we seemed to be on the television…

Link to prompt: https://100wc.net/week-12-2/

Goal: I would like to show not tell


A blur of color flashed in front of my frozen green eyes. I felt something poke me in my side as my eyes came back into focus. I was sitting on the old couch springs poking in to me as my mother father and brother came to sit next to me as I felt the couch shift. “Today” the producer announced on the T.V “I would like to welcome” I saw something I could not believe we seemed to be on the television. What was this magic it seemed to be a mirroring what we were doing. This is weird.

School Captain Speech

Hello 5/6’s,

My name is Amelia I have been going to Moonee Ponds Primary School since prep. I have done many enjoyable and memorial things while I have been at this school.  I have been in S.R.C in years 2, 3 and 5 and green team in year 4 and have participated in tournament of minds last year. I also have been playing flute for nearly 3 years. Outside of school I play netball in a team twice a week as well as ballet and squad swimming. One of my favourite things which I am quite passionate about is Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts harry potter has taught me many things and values and lesson which I now use in my everyday life. And I would like to be your 2019 school captain.

As part of school captain you have to be an organised person which I think is in my 2nd nature. I try my best to complete and finish things on time while still being neat and not rushing what I am doing. During my time as a year 5/6 this year I have tried my best to be as organised as I can I have completed more than I ever thought I am always on time both at the start of the day and after recess and lunch complete all of my homework on time as well as doing extra optional homework I do this to the best of my abilities. Being school captain would mean I am organised getting to meetings on time and handing on things as well as working and handing when it was the right time if I was school captain this would mean it would help you to run more smoothly because I have done what I need to do.

While I have been in 5/6 I have improved my communication skills to different ages not only though class masters to improve my public speaking but also though S.R.C and buddies I have been able to talk to kids both older and younger than me and be a role model to them. This has helped me both in and out of school I have been able to communicate better with my buddy which has led her to become more confident around me communication can not only be used in this sense but also being a good listener as well as being clear and not over complicating things as well as respecting for them. Witch it think that I have gradually become better at. This has also lead me to become a better public speaker, I am naturally not a very loud person but though the course of this year and last year my public speaking has improved for the best I am still not the best public speaker but though things like performing music, and lines I am now less shaky and more confident when talking and acting around large groups of people.

I feel as I am an open minded person and am open to stepping out of my comfort zone and being optimistic about them and being open to try and do and listen to new ideas. I have done this though many ways throughout my years at this school as well as I have read many books and tried many sports and I will never say no to trying or doing anything again, as I have been open to doing many things. When being school captain you have to listen to everyone’s ideas even If you don’t personally agree with them yourself. You also have to listen and consider others idea’s sometimes even over your own but you may not always get your way every time this will help you known to others by being open and fair.

School captain would open up a lot of new opportunities for me it would help me enforce the school values Respect optimism care and collaboration  to all students as well as opening up new learning experiences for me to improve further on my public speaking skills so I can be the best that I can. School captain would allow me to improve on many skills I already have as well as helping and communicating to others. If I was your school captain you would have more input in what I do and this would help you to be more positive about our school therefore improving what I can based on what you want.  And that is why I would like to be you’re 2019 school captain. And I would really value and love to represent you as school captain next year.