100 Word Challenge 21


Link to prompt: https://100wc.net/week-1-19/


As I was provoked backwards the ground begun to split and shake. I squinted my eyes closed I am not shure why I did this because what I was about to witness was equally strange and amazing. Two hands begun to rise from the crack in the ground and then out of nowhere they were holding a rope between them. I blinked my eyes and something felt wrong suddenly I was standing in the same spot but I was now 50 years older. The hand structure was still there standing strong but now it was gey but it showed creativeness.

100 Word Challenge 20

Prompt: … but what colour should it be? …

Link to prompt: https://100wc.net/special-prompt-7-18/


My eyes went a blur and I saw something pink fly past my eyes them purple the blue then green and then finally yellow. I felt a warn sensation go through my body and then I felt my eyes slowly flutter closed and then it all went black. Something prickled on my nose as I blinked open my eyes and saw small lemon sized black eyes it turned around and every ten seconds it changed to a different colour but what should could it be? There must be an original colour you can’t have so many original colours? Can you.

100 Word Challenge 19

Prompt: stairs   river   pink   cooked   nervous

Link to prompt: https://100wc.net/special-prompt-6-18/


As I looked up the stairs it seemed that they went on forever heard a faint river rushing in my ears as I cooked my bacon in the frying pan my thoughts rushing in and out of my mind . I saw something pink rush past my dreamy eyes I looked around and saw something pink this made me quite nervous a sudden song came up in my head I didn’t know where it was from and I for sure had never heard it I thought what on earth was happening to me. I woke up and blinked my eyes

100 Word Challenge 18

Prompt: …why would I do that?…

Link to prompt: https://100wc.net/special-prompt-4/


I was reading the final installment in my favorite book series when my eyes turned to jelly I had been reading for hours to find out what happened but I could not stop. I was getting to the end of the book the pages getting harder to hold in my hands.  It all happened so suddenly the book was now in the flickering fire I had gotten so angry with what the characters did I threw it in to the fire why would I do that? It was my favorite and treasured book now it was burning to a crisp.

100 Word Challenge 17

Prompt: …Flame   Ice   Lime   Regularly   Clock

Link to prompt: https://100wc.net/special-prompt-3-18/


I was sitting near the fire with my favorite lime and raspberry drink which my family regularly drink it is like the best thing in the whole world and my book anyway. One abnormally large flame came up from the fire so I got the ice out of my cup and threw it on the fire. The ice melted in a matter of seconds I cast my eyes back to my book then a cold shiver went down my spine as I got up from the old armchair to get my dusty clock off of its hook what was happening.


100 Word Challenge 16

Prompt: Special prompt #2 (18)

Link to prompt: https://100wc.net/special-prompt-2-18/


All I could see was green well that’s at least what I think the color is. You see living in a world where everything is in a shade of blue or purple you don’t really need to know any other colors. I remember a world like this with many colors or maybe it was just fragment of my wild imagination with my mother’s kind voice or where I was born. I spun around nothing was as it seemed as I put out a hand to open the door my hand shook. This was it I’m not coming back forever goodbye.

100 Word Challenge 15

Prompt: …so, as I looked over the edge, I saw…

Link to prompt: https://100wc.net/special-prompt-1-18/


As the heavy rain fell down on the cars windows and washed off all of the dust that had cluttered up on our car over the many weeks. My eyes begun to close as my sisters singing made my ears ring. As we pulled up to the mountain cliff overlooking the raging see I jolted awake.  As I opened the car door it squeaked form the rain. I went up to the banister so as I looked over the edge, I saw the most terrifying sight the rocks standing up like sprouting plants as I backed away from the edge.

Harry Potter 5 Book Review

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

J.K Rowling

Published on the 21st of June 2003

Published by Bloomsbury


This sequel of harry potter a kid’s fantasy and mystery is mainly about the order of the phoenix or Dumbledore’s army fighting against you know who as the second wizarding war breaks out  and to protect the younger generations. It also follows the story as the ministry interferes at Hogwarts and Professor Dolores Unbridge inspects the school. And how harry is despised at school because of last year’s events. As well as you know who reaching his full power and harry and him fighting for the safe of the prophecy.

The three main characters are Harry James Potter, Hermione Jean Granger and Ron Bilius Weasly who the book follows and the secondary characters Ginny, Nellie, Luna Fred and Gorge. As well as professors Umbridge McGonagall Dumbledore and Snape.

I give this book a 5 out of 5 stars because of the wonderful use of the heroes journey a popular writing technique. It is also well written by using different scenes very well throughout the book to make it even more interesting for the reader as well as using descriptive words to enchant the reader in to their wonderful universe.

I would recommend this book/series to children above the age of 7 because some of the scenes can be a bit brutal at sometimes. I would also recommend this book to anyone who has read the rest of the series or loves to read fantasy and mystery novels and books instead of realistic fiction or informative.

100 Word Challenge 14

Prompt: …however, she couldn’t believe what she had done…

Link to Prompt: https://100wc.net/week35-18/?sort=14&dir=asc


Elnora loved school and always studied hard and got great test results, she woke up every morning exited for the day ahead of her. She walked in to her math class with a bright and bubbly smile she read the section the teacher had assigned in record time then put up her hand. She asked the teacher the point of the books without the diagram the poor teacher went silent however, she could not believe what she had just done. She felt so sorry she was about to cry the teacher saw this and said you’re one smart girl Elnora.

Behind The News 11

Link to BTN: http://www.abc.net.au/btn/story/s3895042.htm


Facts = purple

Questions = blue

Understandings = pink 

Alerting situations like natural disasters can make your brain go to mush that is why is important for all families especially ones in natural disaster prone areas. This will make it less stressful if a natural disaster dose occur. When a natural disaster is coming your way have everyone in the family have some jobs to prevent issues occurring like filling the bath with water, taping windows, putting down sandbags and much more. In the presence of a natural disaster experts suggest that you don’t go on the roof, it is on some T.V shows but this is unsafe. They also say that if you can evacuate the area if not possible it is best to the bathroom where there is water for long amounts of time but it should not be your first resort. Is there anything that people can do during the process of a natural disaster? Should families keep food in the bathroom or is it unnecessary? I now understand the true thought of a plan for family’s to avoid the effects of a natural disaster and the many jobs and responsibilities.