100 Word Challenge 12

Prompt: … I didn’t realise they could fly…

Link to prompt: https://100wc.net/week-13-4/


My vision became a burst of color moving all around me. My grey jumper and blue jeans I looked so plain and pale. Tropical birds perched on my head squaring at each other like bickering children. That was when my eye caught something just to my left. I moved so abruptly that the birds all scratched my when they flew up to the roof of the gleaming glass enclosure. I precisely placed one foot in front trying not to be noticed. I peered around a tree to see a pig flying with the birds, I didn’t realize they could fly.

100 Word Challenge 11


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To say that I don’t like my job is an understatement, all I have to do is stand around in a hot sweltering uniform to guard a statue. It’s not like it’s an ugly statue or a pretty statue it’s none the less boring. It’s of a man, a silver man standing looking up to the sky. The statue also has no meaning all that is written of the plaque is the statues name which is silver man and the date is was made. Sometimes I wonder why it gets this much attention if I’m missing something I should know.

100 Word Challenge 10

Prompt: Avocado      Bones       Purple       Elephant      Seahorses

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I ran home form dance my purple bag hit my legs. The sun was setting as I ran thought the gate and rang the seahorse doorbell, my mother answered the door “Ellie” she said, she had my brother in her arms who was clutching an elephant toy. When I walked through the door I smelt the food my mother had prepared for dinner. I walked into the kitchen and saw the avocado and pasta on the table. “Ellie go put on your pyjamas.” I went into my room and flopped on my bed my bones aced, I was so tired.

100 Word Challenge 9

Prompt: … as I turned my head, the world spun…

Link to Prompt: https://100wc.net/august-19-7/


The whistle blew, the game stopped. We were playing the netball grand final tying at 11-11, “contact goal keeper goal shooter your ball.” I picked up the ball, bounced it a few times then rose my arms to get ready for a shot. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my side, as I turned my head the world spun. My knees hit the floor, I looked around, and the girl that stood next to me was frozen elbow poking out. “Contact goal ” defense called the umpire. “Are you okay Millie” asked one of my teammates. “Yeah” I spluttered back.

Science Night Invitation Letter

Dear reader,

On Wednesday the fourteenth of August, Moonee Ponds Primary School will be hosting their school science night. The theme for this year’s science night is ‘Destination Moon’, because this year we are celebrating 50 years since the moon landing on the twentieth of July 1969. It will be hosted in the sports and performance center at Moonee Ponds Primary School commencing at six o’clock and conclude at seven o’clock . The purpose of the event is to show the student’s work on the topic of destination moon, also to inform everyone about the moon landing. You are welcome to bring a camera or phone to photograph the children’s work and an inquisitive mind. The night will include presentations of work done by the students in foundation to year six and include topics like the Apollo 11, going to or being on the moon and space debris. There may be presentations from local high schools. Please come and experience Moonee Ponds Primary School’s science night.

100 Word Challenge 8


Link to Prompt: https://100wc.net/week-35-3/


As I walked through the bustling city, peoples conversations ringing in my ears. I noticed a crowd of people around something. As I turned to walk closer the thing became clearer and clearer. When I eventually got to the front of the crowd I finally saw the full thing. It was a sculpture of two dominos one straight and the other slightly lent away from the other. As I turned to walk away from the sculpture and the crowd there was one question on my mind why where they there? The question puzzled me and I think it always will.


Hi Emily,

I really enjoyed your 100 word challenge this week I especially liked the part where you said “at least that’s what they told me.” Implying that, that was not what really happened. Maybe next time you could describe how your character was feeling in this situation. Other than that it was awesome it was very well described and enjoyable to read. Keep up the good work.



Hi Sophie,

You’re 100 word challenge was very well written. I like how you described what you’re character when they saw the hat on the table. Maybe next time you could have told the reader why she had been dreading this day. Other than that it was an amazing piece of writing awesome cliff-hanger at the end. Keep up the good work.



Hi Bella,

You’re 100 word challenge this week was very enjoyable to read. You described both the hat and the setting well. Maybe next time you could use adverbs in your story to describe how your character was doing something. Other than that it was an amazing 100 word challenge and very intriguing. Keep up the good work.



Hi Lucinda,

You’re 100 word challenge was written very well. I like how your character asked questions in the story. Maybe next time you could start your story with a hook like describing words talking or sound effects. Other than that it was a wonderful story I really liked the sentence” I had a feeling that was hassling me inside to take the hat for myself.” Keep up the good work.


100 Word Challenge 7

Prompt: …why was that hat on the table?…

Link to Prompt: https://100wc.net/week-33-19/


My feet slapped on the cold tiled floor as I walked into the kitchen. My eyes looked around the room in a gaze. The old grandfather clock chimed in the corner of the room as the bell rang in my ears. I walked over to the table and sat down the chair old squeaking. The chair jolted as I peered at the many things on the table. I noticed a green object propping up a magazine why was that hat on the table? My great great grandmother had given the hat to her son but this house was not his.

100 Word Challenge 6

Prompt: Rose   Scooter   Excitedly   Transparent   Late

Link to prompt: https://100wc.net/week-32-19/


I excitedly rode my scooter home racing against the wind as it blew leaves into my face. My mother and father were attending an open day for a house and they wanted me to be there, I was hoping I wouldn’t be late, I could just see the looks on their faces. As I continued to ride I fell of my scooter witch wasn’t the odd thing it was that I fell into a rose bush and was caught by something, I looked around me and nothing was there I was caught by a transparent bed of air, how unusual.

100 Word Challenge 5


Link to Prompt: https://100wc.net/week-28-19/


As I opened my eyes and looked at the world around me I felt like a needle in a hay stack I was the only one what seemed like a mile around that had any color on. I’d been sent to this country on mission to find any places where humans could possibly live. The land was interesting it looked as if humans had been there but had either left or died off there where pieces of wood, coconuts and dried out leaves. I had a connection to this island but I don’t know why.