Reflection on 2018

Advice for next year’s year 5’s

Moving up from year four to year five six is a big jump but I have found year five very enjoyable. I have enjoyed getting more work to do both at school and at home as well as getting to use the hotmaths books. But I would suggest to always work at your own pace and have fun it is not a competition with anyone.  And have patience not only with yourself but others they are new to it too and also make the most of every minute you only have two years of primary school left.

What we did well

This year I have really enjoyed using many of the new and old resources we have got to use as well as the many new topics we have worked on as well as I have really enjoyed both my teacher (Caitlyn) and my class (5/6B) this year. One of the main tools we have used is our computers which we use in most lessons. I have also enjoyed the amount of sport that we have done ( Gala, Winter and SEPEP) as well as the 5 day camp that we went on to Canberra which helped us extend our knowledge on the government.

What we could do better

I really don’t have many suggestions of what our school could do better in year five six. But I would really like to do more maths only because maths is my favourite subject. I would also like to do more lessons on spelling because my spelling is not the best so some lessons would be amazing as well as some more chances to practice or remember things like our timetables and to read out loud.


100 Word Challenge 26

Prompt: … but they were exhausted…

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As my eyelids fluted shut, I became suddenly aware of my friend snoring the trampolining was tiring so we could barely enjoy the sleepover that night. As my alarm buzzed in my ear my eyes focused on the room around me the sun shining though the window illuminating my friend’s hair. The room drifted away from view and what felt like a second later I was awoken by yelling. The time on my clock read 10:30 then I heard my mother talking “I know but they were  exhausted from yesterdays activity what should I have done.” And that was true.

100 Word Challenge 25

Prompt: … we seemed to be on the television…

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Goal: I would like to show not tell


A blur of color flashed in front of my frozen green eyes. I felt something poke me in my side as my eyes came back into focus. I was sitting on the old couch springs poking in to me as my mother father and brother came to sit next to me as I felt the couch shift. “Today” the producer announced on the T.V “I would like to welcome” I saw something I could not believe we seemed to be on the television. What was this magic it seemed to be a mirroring what we were doing. This is weird.

School Captain Speech

Hello 5/6’s,

My name is Amelia I have been going to Moonee Ponds Primary School since prep. I have done many enjoyable and memorial things while I have been at this school.  I have been in S.R.C in years 2, 3 and 5 and green team in year 4 and have participated in tournament of minds last year. I also have been playing flute for nearly 3 years. Outside of school I play netball in a team twice a week as well as ballet and squad swimming. One of my favourite things which I am quite passionate about is Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts harry potter has taught me many things and values and lesson which I now use in my everyday life. And I would like to be your 2019 school captain.

As part of school captain you have to be an organised person which I think is in my 2nd nature. I try my best to complete and finish things on time while still being neat and not rushing what I am doing. During my time as a year 5/6 this year I have tried my best to be as organised as I can I have completed more than I ever thought I am always on time both at the start of the day and after recess and lunch complete all of my homework on time as well as doing extra optional homework I do this to the best of my abilities. Being school captain would mean I am organised getting to meetings on time and handing on things as well as working and handing when it was the right time if I was school captain this would mean it would help you to run more smoothly because I have done what I need to do.

While I have been in 5/6 I have improved my communication skills to different ages not only though class masters to improve my public speaking but also though S.R.C and buddies I have been able to talk to kids both older and younger than me and be a role model to them. This has helped me both in and out of school I have been able to communicate better with my buddy which has led her to become more confident around me communication can not only be used in this sense but also being a good listener as well as being clear and not over complicating things as well as respecting for them. Witch it think that I have gradually become better at. This has also lead me to become a better public speaker, I am naturally not a very loud person but though the course of this year and last year my public speaking has improved for the best I am still not the best public speaker but though things like performing music, and lines I am now less shaky and more confident when talking and acting around large groups of people.

I feel as I am an open minded person and am open to stepping out of my comfort zone and being optimistic about them and being open to try and do and listen to new ideas. I have done this though many ways throughout my years at this school as well as I have read many books and tried many sports and I will never say no to trying or doing anything again, as I have been open to doing many things. When being school captain you have to listen to everyone’s ideas even If you don’t personally agree with them yourself. You also have to listen and consider others idea’s sometimes even over your own but you may not always get your way every time this will help you known to others by being open and fair.

School captain would open up a lot of new opportunities for me it would help me enforce the school values Respect optimism care and collaboration  to all students as well as opening up new learning experiences for me to improve further on my public speaking skills so I can be the best that I can. School captain would allow me to improve on many skills I already have as well as helping and communicating to others. If I was your school captain you would have more input in what I do and this would help you to be more positive about our school therefore improving what I can based on what you want.  And that is why I would like to be you’re 2019 school captain. And I would really value and love to represent you as school captain next year.



Behind The News 15

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Facts = blue

Questions = pink

Understanding = purple

Life on Mars would be a hard and interesting one six people in one small confined space for one to three years and that is just to Mars. There are many other things that would bring challenges to those who eventually live on Mars like the source of privacy to go to the bathroom or even have a shower because of the confined space and the small amount of gravity in space causing lets’ say water to flow everywhere. Another issue is boredom three years is a long time most children become bored after about two hours after doing the same things but space ships have very limited room meaning you can’t bring everything so boredom is a big issue. Of course you can’t eat anything on a space ship they have everything that they eat in packages so it is preserved and of course still edible. Also missing family’s friends and even just having the wind on their face is things we take for granted but they will not have. That is why NASA has been training those who in time will be going to Mars. They are in a circular structure on the side of a volcano in Hawaii to see if they will be able to take the journey into space. The structure is 11 meters wide representing the space craft. The experiment goes to the extreme they have to go outside in their space suits so they the whole experience of traveling into space. Would there be different circumstances for going to different planets?  What is the most common issue when traveling to a new planet? I now understand the things that the people who travel to space have to deal with and the troubles that they have to deal with and all the preparation that has to take place before they launch off into space.    

100 Word Challenge 24

Prompt: Bricks   Gorilla   Yellow   Running   Pretty

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Yellow flashed past my eyes as I was running along a winding wilderness path it was so pretty and such a change from the usual trend of today where bricks where everywhere. It seemed peaceful and like nothing in the world could go wrong, but that was before I saw something black flash past my eyes well it was not fast but it was defiantly hard to see. I poked my head though the enormous leaves and I saw what I defiantly did not think to see a gorilla. Well my day was definitely interesting.

BTN/ Video Reflection 14

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Facts = blue

Questions = pink

Understanding = Purple

The solar system the milky-way is a four and a half billion year old creation that goes around the galactic center at around 200000 km per hour and goes fully around it once in every 250000000 years. The planets are split in to two groups with Mercury Venus Earth and Mars being terrestrial planets and Jupiter Saturn Uranus and Neptune being gas giants. Mercury is the smallest and lightest of all of our planets a mercury year is shorter than a day which leads to enormous rising and falling of the temprecher as well as it not being home to a moon or atmosphere. Venus is one of the brightest or lightest planets in our solar system and the hottest planet by a long margin. Having atmospheric pressure 92 time higher than earth.  Having an untameable greenhouse effect the lowest temprecher is 473 degrees. And like Mercury it also does not have a moon. Earth is the only planet with temprecher able to house humans and water and the only place with human intelligence. And has one moon. Mars is the smallest planet in our solar system other than Mercury.  And can only keep a very small atmosphere with 2 moons. It has the largest mountain in the solar system Olympus Mons being 3 times as tall as Mount Everest. Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system and is made of hydrogen and helium and has the largest and most powerful storms in existence the largest bring the great red spot being 3 times as large as earth. It has the most moons in our solar system with 67 in total. Saturn is the second largest planet and gas giant in our solar system. As well as having the smallest density of all the planets. Also letting it swim/ float in water. It has rings and is the only planet in these 8 to have them and own 67 moons. Uranus is the smallest gas giant as well as the third largest planet. And is most probably the coldest but is axis is different to the other planets being tilted sideways. And it has 27 moons surrounding it. Neptune is similar to Uranus it is so far away from our main star the sun that 136 earth years is the equivalent to one Neptune year. 2100 km per hour is the highest wind speed on Neptune. As well as it having 14 moons. Mercury is smaller than one of Jupiter’s moons Ganymede. Jupiter alone has 70% of the mass of all of the other planets while Saturn has 20% Uranus has 4% and Neptune has 5% as for the terrestrial planets they contain only 1% all together. Jupiter can pull away dangerous planets or asteroids away from earth preventing us from any damage. But even so Jupiter is considered tiny compared to the sun it takes up 99.86% of the overall mass in our solar system. It mainly consists of hydrogen and helium only 2% is made up of heavier substances like oxygen and iron. At its core the sun combines 620 million tons of hydrogen per second and has plenty of energy to help human life. But trillions of asteroids and comets put in to two belts the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter and the Kuiper belt at the outside of our solar system. The objects size can range from a dust partial to a dwarf planet. The most known object in the asteroid belt is Ceres and the most well-known objects in the Kuiper belt are Pluto Makemake and Haumea. It is known as a dense collections of objects that constantly collide but they are so spared out that it is highly unlikely to see two asteroids at once making them quite empty but collisions are still quite common. The makes up four percent of our moons mass and the Kuiper belt is only between 1/25 and 1/10 of earths mass. One day in to the future of many millions of years the sun will die out and Mercury Venus and even earth may be destroyed in 5 hundred million years the temprecher will have increased until at some point in time it will melt earth’s crust. The sun will enlarge until it will either swallow earth or turn it in to lava. When the sun has lost most of its fuel as well as mass. It will shrink into a white dwarf and burn for a few billion years until it goes out forever like a candle and that means that life in the solar system will no longer be humanly possible. It will not even be noticed by the Milky Way though a small part of it has just gotten darker. Human life will either die out or go out in to the universe to find a new home. Why did only Mercury Venus and earth die out when the sun dies out is it because we are so close or that we rely on the sun? Who named all of the planets in our solar system was it the same person who discovered it and how long ago where they named? I now understand the true comparison of all the planets and objects in our solar system and  what each planet has or relies on  in our solar system to keep it in orbit.

100 Word Challenge 23

Prompt: … because I said so…

Link to prompt:


I was gazing up at the crisp winter trees hiding from my big sister. We were playing hide and seek and I was going to win. But that was until she found me I must have been making too much noise or someone was cheating. “That’s not fair” I called at her with tears in my eyes “you always win and you always win how is this fair for me.” “Well its fair because I sad so” she replied back “and who cares if I cheat.” “I do Ella.” And it was from that moment on I knew she cared.

Behind The News 13

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It is an eight month journey for a robot curiosity to earths neighboring planet mars its shields had to withstand a 1600 degrees atmosphere as it landed on mars after they had to slow it down form 20 thousand km per hour to zero which took 7 minutes while moving to the perfect landing spot which they called the seven minutes of terror. Radio dishes in Camera Australia played a big part as they collected signals form curiosity as it landed.  Curiosity is not the first robot on mars but it is the biggest and the best equipped it can analyse rocks and has a drill for tacking samples and a laser. The aim is to learn more about what the red planet is made up off as well as signs of life because mars is most like earth in any of the planets in our solar system. It has an atmosphere and there are signs that their used to be water scientists believe that mars may have inhabited some form of life form in the past.  And they believe that in 35- 40 years there will be humans on mars thanks to Curiosity.I now understand the true difficulty of getting a robot on to another planet in our solar system and why they have done it and how it is helpful for the human race.I now also understand what Curiosity will be looking and searching for in the new planet and what things she has been equipped to do when helping us form a far off planet.When humans travel to mars how will they survive eight months on a space craft and how will they make the planet ready for humans and will robots set it up or will we?  

My Goals

Writing: To phrase and word my stories in different ways so it is not repetitive to the reader as well as finding substitute words.

Reading: To read new texts and to get more meaning and symbols when reading new books.

Math: to challenge myself when answering questions by thinking in new ways and working it out in 2 ways to check my answer is correct before